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The Soul Cave Book This section of the website is about my forthcoming debut book, The Soul Cave: It’s Never Too Late to Step Into Your Power.

Where does the term Soul Cave come from? Well, for a while I sublet a reading and therapy room in a suite of offices rented by a friend, as I couldn’t do readings from home due to lack of space and a dog who bounces off the walls. When my friend Matt told me about my room, he texted a photo of it with the caption:

‘Soul Cave waiting for incoming witch!’

That room would become Sandra’s Soul Cave, and although I see my clients in their own homes these days, I kept Sandra’s Soul Cave as my business name. However, the Soul Cave doesn’t rely on a particular location; for me, it’s a unique spiritual concept. Clients at Sandra’s Soul Cave came to a sacred space with the optimum energetic setting for receiving comfort, guidance and clarity. I created a perfect ambience by invoking angels and other visitors from Spirit, as well as cleansing and blessing the space and my divination tools. All of this comes straight from my soul, so the Soul Cave is wherever I happen to be.

I’ve talked about writing a book for years, and never got around to it, but I feel the time is right to tell the story of my spiritual journey, and the traumas and challenges I’ve dealt with in recent years. I’m not telling my story because I’m looking for sympathy, but because I hope it will help others to overcome their own challenges and move forward with their lives. No matter what you have to face, there is a way through it, and you will be happy again. I know, because It’s happened to me!

Another aim of the book is to demonstrate that it’s never too late to do whatever you want in life. The only thing holding you back is your own limited thinking. In my mid-sixties, I studied psychic development and became a clairvoyant, healer and medium, even though I had no background in energy work. It all came about by accident really, when I was looking for ways to keep calm and still my racing mind during a difficult period in my personal life.

One thing the last few years have taught me is that, even in the most daunting circumstances, it’s still possible to take back control of your life by managing your energy and seeing the challenges and changes you face as opportunities for growth rather than evidence that the Universe has it in for you! In fact, the opposite is true. Change happens because it needs to, in order for your life to move in the right direction. If we change the way we see things, we change our lives dramatically for the better.

The Soul Cave: It’s Never Too Late to Step Into Your Power is scheduled for release late in 2022 or early in 2023. Watch this space for the latest news, and exclusive excerpts from the book. I’m very excited about this project, and I look forward to sharing The Soul Cave with all of you. Love and blessings.

It's Finished!

Today, 31 July 2022, I finished the last paragraph of The Soul Cave: It’s Never Too Late to Step Into Your Power.

It’s a fabulous feeling. This book has been brewing inside me for three years, although I’ve been wanting to write a non-fiction book for many, many years. Now for a final edit before it goes to the publishers for whatever they need to do. 

Watch this space for more updates, and maybe the odd cheeky excerpt.

The Soul Cave

The Soul Cave is finished!

Looks like a June publication!

It’s 16 months since I wrote the first paragraphs of The Soul Cave: It’s Never Too Late to Step into Your Power. Last week I heard from the publisher that it’s now gone for formatting, after several rounds of edits and reviews. I could probably recite most of it in my sleep now!

What amazes me is that, no matter how many times you read through – and I’m trained in proof reading and editing, so basically two editor eyes have been cast over the manuscript multiple times – there’s always another typo, extra word or something else that doesn’t belong in the book. And my lovely publisher, Nigel Peace of Local Legend, assures me the format will throw up a few more!

Looking set for publication in June – my birthday month. Can’t think of a better present than having my first book published at the grand old age of 71!